Thursday, October 27, 2016

Work First Then Play

During Care Time last week, our students learned about prioritizing by using the concept of working first then playing.  We discussed how you feel when you procrastinate and if those feelings help you be the best version of yourself or not. Of course, they do not.  In contrast, we also discussed how putting your work first then playing makes you feel.  The students all agreed it is much easier to be the best version of yourself when you feel proud, happy, and calm.

The habit of working first then playing is important to instill in our children now.  By doing so, it helps our kids accept more responsibility and become more independent. After all, our goal as parents is to raise independent children who don't grow up to live in our basement. Here are a few articles reinforcing this concept Family Talk: Work First Then Play and The Art of Making and Not Making Plans.  You might also be interested in checking out the Eisenhower Box.  The Eisenhower box is a tool I used with fourth graders during their lesson to identify the best way to use their time.

Third grade students reviewing and discussing putting first things first examples. 

First grade students sorting and discussing examples of important things to do and things you want to do. 

A first grade student identifying her big rocks (work) and little rocks (things she enjoys doing).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OB Drug Busters, We "Ain't" Afraid to Say No!

Red Ribbon Week starts Monday, October 24.  During this week, we celebrate the strong choices our students make to be successful while learning about the obstacles that can get in our way.  Click here to learn about the history of Red Ribbon Week and check out this article on How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday, October 24
Follow Your Dreams! Say NO to Drugs!
(Student Pick)

Everyone is encouraged to wear their pajamas, robe, and slippers to school. Don’t forget tennis shoes for PE.

Character Council members will be passing out Red Ribbon Week stickers for students to wear.

Tuesday, October 25
OB Eagles Team Up Against Drugs!
(Student Pick)

Everyone is encouraged to wear their favorite sports gear and/or jersey.

Students will have the opportunity to play Healthy Choice Relay during lunch.

WednesdaY, October 26
OB Eagles Elect to be Drug Free!

Everyone is encouraged to dress in USA colors and patterns.

Students will be exercising their right to vote in the library today!

ThursdaY, October 27
OB Eagles Choose to Be Drug Free!

Everyone is encouraged to wear OB Spirit clothes or colors.

Obi, our mascot, will be greeting students today!

Friday, October 28

NO SCHOOL - Conference Compensation Day

MondaY, October 31
OB Eagles Slam a Book on Drugs!

Everyone is encouraged to dress up like their favorite book character.

Students will be meeting with their families today and having fall parties.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Begin with the End in Mind

Fourth Grade - Ball Toss
Fourth grade students were broken up into four groups and played three rounds of ball toss. The team earned 1 point if their ball touched the bucket, 3 points if the ball bounced in and out, 5 points if it stayed in the bucket.

Round 1 - The bucket was placed a couple of feet in front of each group.  Each team member tossed the ball into the bucket.  After Round 1 Student Responses: This round was easy!

Round 2 - The bucket stayed in its place but the team members had to toss the ball into the bucket looking the opposite direction. After Round 2 Student Responses: This round was more challenging. We didn't know where we were tossing the ball. How does this relate to having a plan and setting goals? It is hard to get someplace if you can't see where you are going.

Round 3 - The bucket was moved five feet away from the team.  A member from each team could hold the bucket and help catch the tossed ball. After Round 3 Student Response: It was hard but easier because we had help. How does this relate to plans or goals?  We need to let people know about our goals so they can help us reach them.


After playing ball toss, we read Julia Cook's book What shoes will you wear?  Then we analyzed some of the careers listed in the book by categorizing the career into a career path. Then we listed activities people do in this career and explored if there is anything the students are currently doing that will prepare them for that particular career.


Third Grade - Career Hush
Third grade students played Career Hush.  Students were broken up into groups and given a career card to demonstrate to their classmates without using words.  After playing Career Hush, we read the book When I grow up? by Al Yankovic.  Then we analyzed some of the careers listed in the book by categorizing the career into a career path. Then we listed activities people do in this career and explored if there is anything the students are currently doing that will prepare them for that particular career.


Second Grade - What are you an expert at? 
Students started the lesson walking around the room discovering who was an expert in different areas. Then we read Career Day by Anna Rockwell and categorized the careers into career paths. 


First Grade - Earn, Spend, Save, & Give
We read the story Goob and the Bug Collecting Kit from the book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey.  Then like Goob the students made a plan to earn, spend, save, and give money.  They also made spend, save, and give envelopes to take home and use to put the money they earn. 


Kindergarten - When I Grow Up? 
We read the story When I Grow Up by Sean Covey. While reading the story we  discussed what they would get to do when they grow up (drive a car, wear make up, cook food, work, etc) and what they have to do to get there (go to school, do chores, sleep, etc.) Then the students did an activity to drawing pictures of their favorite and least favorite things about school and home.