Individual Student Planning

School counselors assist students in planning, monitoring, and managing their academic, career, and personal social needs. In the individual planning component this is specifically done through the following educational/career, transition, and student appraisal activities:

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Education/Career Development

OB Student Transition Plan
Individual Student Planning Starter Kit
New Student Presentation

OB Parent Guide to Student Appraisal 

Parent College and Career Readiness Resources

Better Make Room - A place for students to make a statement on how they are going to reach higher.

Blueprint4SummerSTL - Blueprint4SummerSTL was designed to be an easy-to-use mobile app that connects ALL St. Louis-area kids to summer learning opportunities.

College Cost Calculator  - Use this calculator to see how much college will cost by the time you enroll.

College ScoreCard - U.S. Department of Education college comparison tool.

Elementary Guide to College & Career Readiness - A hands-on tool to promote students' early awareness, knowledge and skills that lay the foundation for the academic rigor and social development needed to be college and career ready.

Forum Guide to College and Career Ready Data - The guide examines how data are being used to support College and Career Readiness initiatives.

Helping Your Child With Career Planning - Because your children's career choices will affect not only them, but you, you have a right and a responsibility to help develop their career plans. Career development is an ongoing process, starting at birth and continuing through adulthood.

It is Never Too Early - A resource to help Missouri students and their families prepare for college.

Khan Academy - A free learning resource tailored for your child.  Your child will get a personalized learning dashboard that will guide them through each subject like a personal coach while using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps while suggesting skills to practice. Your child will also receive fun reward along the way like badges, energy points, and avatars.

Missouri 2030 An Agenda to Lead - "Unless Missouri changes the way we are preparing people for the jobs of the future, the current mismatch between employer skill needs and the talents of the workforce will widen." Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry