Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Scheduling a Meeting with the Counselor

We want to empower our students to ask for what they need and know how to access their supports. Meeting with a school counselor is one way a student can get support at Old Bonhomme.  Students meet with a school counselor for a variety of reasons which may include going through a tough time, friendship problems, wanting strategies to deal with a problem or situation, practicing skills, and sometimes they just want to eat in a “private dining hall” (counseling office) with a few friends. 

You can click the Counselor Request button above to schedule a meeting. Another way to request a meeting with the counselor is by following these three steps.  

1. Go to the Old Bonhomme Dashboard              

2. Click on this Button
3. Complete Form 

The Old Bonhomme Dashboard can be found by clicking on the eagle on the Old Bonhomme website. A student, teacher, or parent can complete a request for a student or themselves.  It can be completed at home or school. At anytime feel free to call or email one of us at school.