Saturday, April 20, 2019

Experience the World of Work

Below are a few pictures from Career Presentations in our classrooms this spring.  Click here to see more. 

Dr. Julia Partin a podatrist/surgeon presented to our Mrs. Schreiner's first grade class. 

Alan Mandel a lawyer presented to Ms. DeVries' third grade class. 

Sean Lloyd a police officer presented to Mrs. Crawford's third grade class. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Friendship Troubles Book Club

Developmentally third grade is when friendships start to get complicated. We have found success using the book Friendship Troubles to help our girls deal with fights, being left out, and the whole popularity thing.

A Friendship Troubles book has been checked out to all third grade girls.  They have been asked to read a chapter a week and keep the book at home until we collect them on May 20. The classroom teachers will incorporate discussion about the book informally and formally through class meetings between now and the end of the school year.  Below we have provided some activities and discussion ideas for caregivers to incorporate at home.

Needs to be read by
Activity & Discussion Ideas
April 12
All About Friends
Talk to your daughter about your friends and the great qualities they have that make them your friend. Discuss with your daughter the qualities they look for in a friend. Why are these qualities important to remember?
April 19
Friendship Hot Spots
Tell your daughter about some tough situations you have been in with friends. Discuss with your daughter how jealousy is like poison. What are other things hurt friendships?
April 26
Working It Out
Talk to your daughter about a time you solved a problem with a friend.  Why is knowing how to solve your own problems important?
May 3
Take the Secret Test (pg. 50) with your child and have a discussion about the questions.
May 10
Bullies & Rule Setters
Role play different ways to deal with someone who is displaying bullying behaviors.
May 17
All About You
Help your daughter brainstorm some quick fixes for when they get down. Look at pages 82 & 83 for guidance.
May 20
All books need to be returned to your classroom teacher.

A big thank you to the OB PTO for purchasing the books.