Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Different Kinds of Stress

Different Kinds of Stress - From Our School Counseling Intern Jelisa Gibbs 
Did you know that there are different kinds of stress? Some stress is good for you and other kinds of stress are not good for you. Check out this article that talks more about stress and the different types of stress that can occur. 

Lesson Recap

This week our school counseling lessons focused on calming yourself down when stressed, and different strategies to use like breathing techniques to calm the body.The students also learned about yoga, the benefits of it, and the different positions in yoga that the students could try.  ​You might be interested in trying out the yoga flow pictured below. ​

Friday, February 19, 2021

Kindess Activity

Next week we will be doing lessons based around kindness and what we can do to show kindness. Here is an activity that families or kids can try at home! It’s called an Act of Kindness Paper chain. The Kindness Paper Chain activity is a simple and fun craft to visually keep track of the acts of kindness done throughout the days. Cut a strip out as you complete the act of kindness written on it. Add the strip to your Kindness Chain to make it longer day by day! Make your own strips or click on this link if you would like to print some out. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

How do you grow your love spot?

Last week our students learned about 5 ways people may experience love--Words of affirmation, Actions, Quality Time, Affection (physical touch), and Gifts. People tend to have one that they value the most and feel the most loved when experiencing it. Check out this article for ideas on How to Connect With your Child Using Love Languages.

If you don’t know what your love language is, we encourage you to take the five love languages quiz here.This page includes a quiz for you to take as a partner and also as a parent of a child or a teen. Knowing your child’s love language is incredibly helpful for knowing how to communicate with him, discipline him with kindness and show him you love him.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Pictures Needed - You Are Loved

We are creating a You Are Loved display in our hallways.  You can help us create the display by sending in a picture of your child with someone or thing they love.   It is kind of like filling the stands at a college or professional game with cardboard cut outs of the fans to make it feel like nothing has changed:) We do miss seeing you in our hallways and we all enjoy the pictures. 

You can send the actual picture in, email it to, or text it to me 573-552-2959.

Below is the picture I am going to display. This is my family at a nice warm place we love to visit.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Safe Touch Classes - Week of January 24

The week of January 24 all of our students will be participating in Safe Touch classes virtually facilitated by Jewish Family and Children's Services instructors with the student's teacher and a school counselor in the classroom or virtual room.  We are afforded this wonderful service through the St. Louis Children's Service Fund.  

You can learn more about the program and learn how to talk to your child about this important 

topic by clicking here for a quick overview of the video we use with 4th grade called “You Are In Charge of Your Body” version B.  


You can access the K-3 videos through January 20 by clicking on the links below and logging on using the provided username/password.

Kindergarten & 1st - Tick Tock Plays it Safe 

(username: password: OBsafe) 

2nd & 3rd Grade - Mae Shares a Secret 

 (username: password: OBsafe) 


Opt Out Letters were sent home last week (Friday, January 15), if you DO NOT want your child to participate in the class let us know. If you have questions, please contact Hayley Arnold or Kristine Carey, our school counselors.