Sunday, November 5, 2017

College & Career Readiness

It was fun to see a variety of colleges represented on College T-shirt day and hear about the great conversations teachers and parents had with the kids. Several parents have showed interest in participating in a Saving for College presentation in January.  If you have not already and would like to participate contact one of our school counselors. 

Our students are enjoying learning about careers posted on our Picture the Possibilities wall.  Each teacher also received a book of the submissions for their classroom libraries. We appreciate our parents taking time to contribute to this project. Parents click here to sign up and present your career to our students the week of January 22. 

During the thirty-minutes presentation, we would like for the following points to be addressed: 

  • Describe your career
  • What subjects you have to be good in this career
  • Some of the things you did as an elementary student that led you to this career
  • What character traits are important to have in this career field
  • Discuss what kind of training you received to be in this career